All Smoked Australia

All Smoked Australia is a small Australian owned and operated family business. After exploring the world of fine foods as a chef, the owner Matt Boyer developed a passion for enhancing the natural flavours of fresh produce. One of his favourite ways of doing this was by cold-smoking a variety of weird and wonderful edible things.

Now based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, Matt decided to expand his passion and share it with the world. He has built a smokehouse and is producing culinary delights such as Smoked Garlic and Smoked Himalayan Salt Seasoning.
All Smoked Australia also caters to custom orders from the hospitality industry for the cold-smoking of peppercorns, and different spices such as chillies, dukka etc.
Matt has just begun producing other quality condiments such as Smoked Tomato Chilli Jam.
All Smoked Australia will take your taste buds and next meal on a culinary sensation unsurpassed.