It has been brought to our attention that in a couple of our outlets an inferior low quality product has been put on shelves. Therefore to any of our loyal customers and future customers, who may notice this when in store or accidentally purchase some of this inferior product – we anticipate this to be a very temporary situation. However, to anyone that buys our Smoked Garlic and directly from Noosa Iga – be aware that this IS NOT the #allsmoked product and most definitely not the #allsmokedquality and #allsmokedfreshness™ we guarantee. We believe this has only occurred since we have been out of stock – due to a shortage of #allsmokedquality purple garlic.

As mentioned, this was brought to our attention – on further inspection we identified that Noosa IGA is stocking inferior unlabelled, what is believed to be a cheap Chinese low quality and an inferior product.

This is not our  product and is extremely inferior and of much lower quality. Noosa IGA will restock our garlic again, however, decided they wanted this inferior product whilst #allsmokedsmokedgarlic is temporarily unavailable and unfortunately put us in the position to have to make this #allsmokedquality announcement.

For further information – please do not hesitate to contact the #allsmoked Quality Control Centre (QCC) directly: qcc@allsmoked.com

Thank you for your continued support!

All Smoked Australia

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