DRAGON SALT™ by All Smoked Australia

DRAGON SALT We have launched another NEW spectacular All Smoked Australia product full of allsmokedfreshness™ - DRAGON SALT The launch of Dragon Salt has been amazing - Try it Now! It's the ideal replacement for chicken salt & non-chicken salt lovers alike. Use it on your chips, with your fish, on your meat and [...Read More ...]

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Corona Virus – Boost your immunity with All Smoked cold smoked GARLIC!!!

AND HERE ARE THE REASONS WHY you must ORDER NOW - Click HERE!!! How Garlic Fights Colds and The Flu Garlic has been used for centuries as both a food ingredient and a medicine. In fact, eating garlic can provide a wide variety of health benefits. This includes reduced heart disease risk, improved mental health [...Read More ...]

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Life's to short for just plan salt. Try our healthy Himalayan sat seasoning alternatives.

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Hi, All Smoked Australia followers - If you like our Smoked Products and Seasonings, please click on the link below and leave a testimonial for our new comers to these delectable products. Share your stories, recipes and or thoughts. SUBMIT A Testimonial for All Smoked Australia Thanks All Smoked Australia

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20% off EVERYTHING In the All Smoked Range if you quote the coupon ID below when shopping online at https://www.allsmoked.com/shop coupon ID: DELECTABLE

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Naturally Smoked Himalayan Rock Salt

Try our Naturally Smoked Pink Himalayan Rock Salt - Naturally Cold smoked over Red Gum & Tea Tree. https://www.allsmoked.com/product/naturally-smoked-himalayan-salt-glass-grinder/

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Noosa Farmers Market 8/1/17

Need some more smoked garlic? Or perhaps some Smoked Black Peppercorn? Noosa Farmers Market tomorrow 8/1 and wait no more  https://g.co/kgs/RY99dq

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Gift bags $20

Yandina Markets Today!! Come down and grab yours

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Yandina Country Markets 7/1/16

Early bird gets the garlic This saturday - Yandina Country Markets - Come and grab your favourite smoked spices and smoked garlic - Cold smoked

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