1. Smoked Garlic and All Smoked Salt Rub calamari or cuttlefish with Smoked Garlic aioli.

2. Seared scallops with Smoked Garlic cauliflower puree, truffle oil and crispy watercress, smoked garlic and pancetta dust salad.

3. Garlic prawn linguine.

4. Smoked Garlic mashed potatoes.

5. Smoked Garlic butter (like wood-fired bread)

6. Roasted Smoked Garlic once peeled, brings out amazing flavours in any olive oil-based pastas.

7. Sliced fresh on to pizzas or minced and added to the sauce brings an outstanding new flavour to your pizzas.

8. Smear the minced garlic on your roasted vegetables or on to roast meats etc.